Inline Angle Neck Filler


Machine specifically suitable for angle neck bottles.

  • Machine with very little moving parts.
  • Prevents corrosion from product spillage.
  • Machine - rising and falling nozzle type.
  • All product contact parts are of Hasterloy C 276 or resistant silicon and plastic material.
  • A drip tray is mounted through the machine below the nozzles for drip collection and for a clean fill.
  • The bottle to be handled on this machine, should be structurally stable.
  • A very accurate volume of fill can be maintained.
  • The fill volume in a bottle can be changed quickly and easily.
  • System "No Bottle-No Fill System".
  • Machine operates over a through going conveyor.
  • Machine manifold is fed by the customers existing bulk resevoir.
  • Very strong and robust yet simple.

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