Pallet Drum Filler 1000
Machine Features
  • For Filling up to 1000 Litres

  • This system 50 Drums / hour with one nozzle.

  • Higher outputs with additional nozzles.

  • PLC Controlled
  • Small Space Requirement
  • Weigh Filling of Palletized Containers
  • Drums are fed to filler on a pallet of 4 (2x2) infeed conveyor - are either powered or gravity.
  • Conveyor on the fill platform can be powered as in this application.
  • Nozzle has X & Y axis Linear Bearing Movement
  • Drums are palletized so no expensive palletiser neccessary
  • Available for hazardous environments and hostile environments.
  • Low initial cost compared to most systems offering the same features.
  • Can be run with as low as one operator (depending on output required).
  1. Stainless Steel or Painted Finish
  2. In effect, performs Debunging, Filling, Bunging, Clinching, Stencilling, Palletizing in a small area with as little as one operator.


Filling Machines > Drum > Pallet Drum Filler

Photographed is a Pallet Drum Filler with Weigh Filling



Machine suitable for 50Kg, 200Kg and 1000Kg Palecon Filling. In this case, nozzle is for 2" BSP Bunged container.Suitable for Light and Viscous Products. Example:-
• Lubricants
• Agricultural Chemicals
• Other Chemicals
• Vegetable Oils

Other suitability characteristics:-
• Available to suit Hazardous Environments
• Drums are already palletized after filling and bunging
• Available in different grades of Finish
Example: - Power Finish, Galvanised Finish and Stainless Finish
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