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Recent Projects - Hydrochloric Acid Line (32% HCL)

Weir & Harrod Machinery recently undertook a project to build a complete bottling line for one of the most corrosive filling environments out there. Filling and cap tightening a 32% Hydrochloric Acid solution presents a huge number challenges in both filling, capping and bottle handling.

Weir & Harrod Machinery specialises in these types of projects. We have some 97 years experience building packaging machinery to withstand all types of corrosive environments and products from bleach to chlorine to acid. In this case the filling line had to be build entirely out of PVC and new Alloys specifically designed to be resistant to chemical attack from Hydrochloric Acid.


Acid Filler



The filler utilised Weir & Harrod Machinery's standard 9 head semi automatic inline filler design. Instead of tradional stainless steel, the filler base was built entirely of PVC. To ensure strength in the framework for the nozzle bridge stainless steel was used and clad in PVC tube to project it from product splashing. Filling nozzles were made out of a combination of Hasterloy and PVC. The Hasterloy is specifically designed to withstand chemical attack from acids and helped to provide strength to the nozzles. A second set of filling nozzles made entirely out of PVC was also supplied with the line.

All gating, guide rails and drip trays for the acid filler also had to be manufactured entirely out of PVC.


Acid Cap Tightener



The capper used for this line was again a standard WHM design single head cap tightener clad with PVC. This capper was fully automatic and would tighten pre threaded caps onto the full 5L acid bottles. Bottles were fed through the entire line with the neck facing the rear of the bottle so as to reduce splashing of product when bottles were stopped under the capper. The capping station had to be carefully enlosed and splash guarded to prevent damage to the machinery or to anyone in the immediate vacinity should a bottle jam and spill.

PVC conveyor


Conveyor & Bottle Handling

The whole conveyor frame, slat chain, bottle guide rails and sprockets were made entirely of PVC. This included a specially made powered cornering system to allow the line to be set up in a U shape arrangement.All gating systems and conveyor drip trays were also made from PVC.

If you have an application for filling, conveying or capping any corrosive products please give us a call on (02) 9833 4489 or visit our contact page.

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